Area Familiarisation Skills Training

Track Safety Training

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Course Development and Objectives:

Infrasafe has developed a training course that provides staff who go trackside with the skills to enable them to gain an appreciation of the geographical and railway environment in which they will be working. This course was developed to meet an industry problem caused by the increasing use of contractors who are not familiar with specific railway locations.

It provides them with the skills to access the railway safely and to understand key features and hazards of the infrastructure even if they have not visited the location or even the geographical area before.

The course is delivered in a classroom but is highly participative and interactive. The original course was previously mandated by Network Rail for key track safety staff.

Infrasafe can produce a course that is customised to the client’s specific needs and pitched at the right level of competence required by the client.

Course Content and Duration:

The course lasts between a half day and a full day depending on the level of skills required. It can be delivered as a stand alone unit or as an additional module to other training courses. The course has the following elements:

Applying the necessary map reading skills to understand and interpret Ordnance Survey and other detailed location maps

Applying the skills to read and interpret railway operating documents, track layout and signalling diagrams and other sources of information

Relating map information to railway information so that the features and hazards of the railway can be identified and understood

There is a formal assessment at the end of the course that requires the candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what they have learned.

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