ES to SWL2 Conversion (Without Tech)

Track Safety Training

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Duration of course: 3 Days

Maximum no. of Candidates: 8 (Minimum 3)

Course aims:
The aim of this course is to provide candidates/delegates with the skills and underpinning knowledge required to undertake Safe Work Leader duties in line with the new SWL2 competence now required to work on Network Rail’s infrastructure


Upon successful completion of this conversion course candidates will be able to:

  1. Break down the role of SWL2
  2. Explain accountability and Responsibility
  3. Understand and describe Non-Technical Skills associated with the Role
  4. Understand and identify Human Factors
  5. Explain the communication skills required by an SWL2
  6. Prepare and deliver successfully briefings associated with the role of SWL2
  7. Identify risks and hazards
  8. Understand and describe control measures associated with identified hazards and risks
  9. Describe and explain Health and Well-being risks to work group members
  10. Understand and Describe Health and Well-being management measures
  11. Explain and employ Safe work processes including SSOW methods
  12. How to create SSOW Packs in line with the latest instructions
  13. List SSOW methods in line with the latest instructions

  14. Create a safe work pack

  15. Demonstrate the de-confliction processes

Other information
• Following successful completion of the course Infrasafe will register your certification with Sentinel

Our modern training centre in Blaydon, Tyne & Wear or we can arrange training at a location to suit your needs

Course content:
See objectives section above