Infrasafe undertakes track monitoring to Network Rail Standard NR/BS/LI/045 - monitoring track over or adjacent to civil engineering works: procedure and intervention levels.

Retro-reflective targets are affixed to the rail web at 3m intervals for a distance of 30m either side of the engineering works. These are monitored for a minimum period of 5 days before work commences to establish a baseline data set. A dilapidation survey is also undertaken at this time.

During the actual works, these targets are monitored at regular intervals. The instrument is set up in such a way that any movement of the track is immediately apparent to the surveyor, and if it exceeds trigger levels set for that particular section of track and line-speed, suitable intervention procedures can be instigated.

The track is further monitored for a period of at least 5 days after the engineering work has been completed to ensure the ongoing safety of the line. A post-works dilapidation survey is also completed.

All monitoring is undertaken remotely from either off-track or beyond the railway boundary to obviate any disruption of rail services, and without the need for personnel to be on-track via possessions or line blockages. A daily report is produced and emailed to interested parties. This report depicts any movement in the X & Y coordinates of the target as well as any changes in elevation and twist of the rail.

Infrasafe also uses a modified version of this system for monitoring cuttings, embankments, bridges and viaducts etc. These can be further enhanced with photographic and video reports

For all of your track monitoring service requirements, please contact us or email Brian Cairns at or on 0191 499 0024.